Philip Easton is a self taught designer and visual artist. Born and raised into a family with strong roots in the northeast surf and skate movement, he grew up at his local skate shop in Newport, Rhode Island. Life as a shop kid in the 90’s allowed him to pick up on unique visuals and stylized graphics that were displayed on t-shirts, skateboards, and magazines, as well as in the skateboarding/surfing videos that played nonstop. Sharing a room with his older brother who loved graffiti and Wu-Tang along with days at shop introduced him to street culture and fueled his creative energy at a young age. Inspired by his surroundings, Philip began representing his sense of style through art and clothing.

In 2010, after gathering inspiration from different cities while on skateboarding trips, Philip launched his own street wear brand, Legends Limited. Taking the project head on from the ground up, buying all the screen printing equipment and setting up underneath the ramps of his friend’s indoor skate park. Since then Philip has elevated the brand producing high-quality products that seeks to promote individual expression and creativity. His designs have been worn by professional athletes, elite artists, and  featured on an episode of the hit morning show “The Breakfast Club,” where platinum recording artist and hip-hop legend N.O.R.E sported one of the brand’s sweatshirts.

(Photo by Roc Nation VP Lenny. S)

Motivated and inspired by the momentum of the brand, Philip has continued to expand his sense of creative expression. He started exploring visual art in search of his own unique style. Drawing inspiration from artists like Chad Muska,  Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat  to cultivate his own vision. Avoiding traditional methods and going for a mixed-media approach, he finds light experimenting with unorthodox techniques and mediums.

His current collection of work includes limited edition  fine art screen prints on premium cotton paper, the graphic based on a previous street art installation representing a stylized pineapple that reads “HOPE.” In addition to screen prints, his current work  includes sculptures/arrangements made of salvaged metal, as well as abstract drawings using oil stick on reclaimed objects. His street background gives his work an authentic, raw and edgy style that has allowed him to create art that goes beyond the design elements of his brand. Philip finds value in each process no matter what the product is. He enjoys exploring different techniques and exercising his creative freedom in unique ways.

As a self-starter and outsider artist, Philip is encouraged by progression and driven by his own thoughts and desires to take chances with art and design.